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‘Start Here’: NYPD fires officer in Eric Garner death and Planned Parenthood leaves federal funding program



  1. Strangle hold cop terminated

Five years after Eric Garner’s last words, “I can’t inhale,” touched off across the country challenges, the New York City cop legitimately accused for his strangle hold passing has been terminated.

NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill reported Officer Daniel Pantaleo’s end on Monday, calling it “an amazingly troublesome choice,” after a departmental judge not long ago prescribed that Pantaleo be terminated for his “rash” activities during Garner’s capture.

Accumulate was slaughtered July 17, 2014, when Pantaleo and his accomplice halted him for purportedly selling untaxed cigarettes. In the experience, recorded on record, Pantaleo snatched Garner from behind and set him in a strangle hold, a move restricted by the NYPD in 1993.

“It didn’t murder him legitimately, yet it added to an asthma assault that the medicinal analyst’s office said did, and that is the place the departmental judge and the police official observed Officer Pantaleo to be foolhardy,” ABC News Senior Investigative Reporter Aaron Katersky says on “Begin Here.”

Pantaleo has denied he utilized the strangle hold on Garner. The Police Benevolent Association blamed the official for picking “legislative issues and his own personal circumstance over the cops he professes to lead.”

2. Title X funding

Planned Parenthood is withdrawing from the federal Title X family planning program, rejecting millions of dollars in funding for low-income women, instead of complying with new rules enacted by the Trump administration.

Title X, started in 1970, already prohibits the use of funding for abortions, but the new restrictions include that participating clinics aren’t allowed to counsel women about where they can receive an abortion, an issue that the federal government has taken different positions on over the years, according to ABC News Legal Analyst Kate Shaw.

“Under the rule that was in effect previously,” she says, “providers could give factual, neutral information about the availability of abortions and could refer people who were pregnant and wanted information about it, or wanted to access abortions, to places that provide them.”

As Planned Parenthood fought the new rule in court, clinics were supposed to submit “compliance” plans to the Department of Health and Human Services by Monday.

3. Trump on guns

As the gun control debate rages on in the wake of the El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, mass shootings, President Donald Trump appears to be softening his stance on new gun legislation.

A few weeks after he told reporters “we have to have very meaningful background checks,” on Sunday he seemed to back off any push for tougher gun sale background checks, saying “Congress is going to be reporting back to me with ideas … but just remember, we already have a lot of background checks.”

His shifting position has lawmakers questioning whether they will have enough political support to pass any gun control legislation when they return to Washington after the August recess, according to ABC News’ Katherine Faulders.

“I think you see the president genuinely wanting to do something about this, but [he’s] being lobbied and pulled by all sorts of different outside forces that it’s just unclear what Congress really has an appetite for,” she says.

4. China’s troll campaign

Twitter and Facebook have removed hundreds of fraudulent accounts linked to China that they say were spreading disinformation about pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

The social media platforms accused China of claiming demonstrators were violent, with some posters likening them to cockroaches and members of ISIS.

“There’s much, much more activity from the social media platforms going out and hunting for this kind of activity and then taking it down,” Ben Nimmo, a digital analyst and director of investigations at the firm Graphika, says on the podcast. “It’s really changed the dynamic of what’s happening online. You’re not just getting troll operations running, but you’re actually getting the platforms acting as troll hunters and going out finding them.”

Twitter said in a blog post on Monday it would update its policies to reject advertising from state-controlled news media entities. Facebook does not ban ads from state-owned media companies, according to the Associated Press.

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Homegrown hypocrite: Ken Cuccinelli, Trump’s immigration chief, betrays path his own ancestors took to America




It really is great Virginians rejected Ken Cuccinelli as their senator a couple of years prior and that Republicans in the U.S. Senate don’t need him running the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, as he is unmistakably a merciless and insensible man. No big surprise President Trump introduced him as acting migration boss to perpetrate however much harm as could reasonably be expected.

Gabbing on NPR, with regards to the weak Trump changes that will deny green cards to legitimate migrants who use sustenance stamps or Medicaid or Medicare solution inclusion or lodging help, Cuccinelli recommended correcting Emma Lazarus’ imperishable ballad at Lady Liberty’s base to peruse: “Give me your worn out and your poor — who can remain without anyone else two feet and who won’t become an open charge.”

Like his manager Trump, Cuccinelli appears to like just rich workers, not the a huge number of poor strivers escaping persecution and desperation who cruised past the Mother of Exiles in the harbor. You know, the individuals who came looking for work, who constructed this nation, who battled our wars, and whose cutting edge successors carry out the responsibilities the remainder of us don’t need.

Individuals like poor Italian foreigners Dominic Cucciniello and Fortuna Preziosi, Ken Cuccinelli’s distant grandparents.

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Theresa May to Resign as U.K. Prime Minister: Live Updates




Mrs. May said on Friday that she would venture down as pioneer of the Conservative Party and afterward as Britain’s executive, after more than once neglecting to get her Brexit plan through Parliament.

Right NowConservative legislators are now situating themselves for the initiative challenge that starts in about fourteen days.

Facing a cabinet rebellion, Theresa May set out Friday morning a timetable for her departure from office. She spoke briefly after meeting with Graham Brady, a powerful leader of backbench Conservative lawmakers.

Standing in front of 10 Downing Street, Mrs. May said it was in the “best interests of the country for a new prime minister” to lead Britain through the Brexit process. She announced plans to step down as the leader of the Conservative Party on June 7, with the process to replace her beginning the following week. She will remain as a lame-duck prime minister until a new leader is chosen, probably by the end of July.

“I feel as certain today as I did three years ago that in a democracy, if you give people a choice you have a duty to implement what they decide. I have done my best to do that,” she added. “I have done everything I can to convince M.P.s to back that deal. Sadly, I have not been able to do so.”

Mrs. May’s voice broke as she said she was regarded to serve the nation as the “second female executive, yet unquestionably not the last,” and said the job had been an amazing respect.

In Brussels, the Brexit condition is unaltered.

European Union authorities stress over what comes straightaway, yet they demanded that their situation on Brexit would not move. The alliance’s chiefs did not need Britain to leave, however they stay focused on the withdrawal understanding Mrs. May arranged, regardless of whether the following PM is a firm stance Brexiteer who endeavors to drive a harder deal.

“We are prepared, we have been prepared, we keep on being prepared whatever the situation is,” said Mina Andreeva, an European Commission representative. In any case, she included, the commission would lean toward “a systematic withdrawal based on the withdrawal understanding that has been consulted with the U.K.”

The view from Brussels is that the decisions remain the arranged arrangement, a financially harming “bluff edge” Brexit without an arrangement, or no Brexit by any stretch of the imagination.

A spokeswoman for the Spanish government called Mrs. May’s resignation “bad news” because it makes a no-deal Brexit more likely.

In Paris, the German ambassador to France, Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut, speaking at an event hosted by the American University of Paris, noted the resignation of Mrs. May and said that Germany was always willing to give the British more time to sort out the Brexit impasse.

But even with Mrs. May’s resignation, he said, Brexit and its dilemmas remained. “Brexit yes or no,’’ he said. “But more important is, Brexit how? Every how has a price. And the British begin to understand how high is the price.”

The progression race is well in progress.

Traditionalist officials have been situating themselves for an authority challenge for quite a long time. A few were at that point crusading effectively before Mrs. May declared her choice to leave.

Possibility for gathering authority must be selected by two different individuals from Parliament, however in the event that there is just a single hopeful, the person consequently turns into the new pioneer. On the off chance that multiple hopefuls rise, legislators vote among themselves to limit the field and after that put two possibility to a vote by all Conservative Party individuals, who number around 120,000.

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‘Love One Another’: National Day of Prayer Kicks Off With Call for Americans to Follow ‘the Golden Rule’




WASHINGTON – Today is the National Day of Prayer and everywhere throughout the nation individuals are assembling to implore, even on Capitol Hill.

Every year paving the way to the day, a gathering sets up before the Capitol, whatever may happen, for a 90-hour Bible perusing long distance race. This year around 400 individuals from around the nation have taken an interest – including a couple of officials.

Keith Davidson, organizer of Seedline International, is driving the current year’s occasion. He reveals to CBN News volunteers are even there perusing the early morning. “We had a woman the previous evening that was on reserve from Alabama and flew in just to peruse, and she forgot back at 6am toward the beginning of today,” said Davidson.

This yearly convention goes back to 1990. This year they have more than 100 Bible interpretations and renditions to browse and they plan to include considerably increasingly one year from now.

“We have a Farsi Bible and folks can come by and read that in their language, we also have a Russian Bible and we have a Chinese Bible that a group yesterday, a Chinese church actually here in Washington, DC, brought out,” continued Davidson.

Johnson is spearheading efforts towards unity in Congress by co-chairing the Honor and Civility Caucus with Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL).

“It’s a bipartisan effort to just get members to talk to each other, and basically follow the Golden Rule to treat one another with dignity and respect as fellow Americans and part of the American family,” says Johnson.

Lawmakers and faith leaders like Dr. Ronnie Floyd and Pastor Andrew Brunson will join together inside the nation’s Capitol Thursday night to pray.

“It’s one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had, to be able to come right in Statuary Hall, right in the centerpiece, the epicenter of American government, and to be able to pray and sing and worship and have this kind of service we will have,” says Congressman Jody Hice (R-GA), a former pastor who will be speaking at Thursday’s event.

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